How and Why a Predictive Dialler Could Transform your Business’ Outbound Calling Operations

Predictive Diallers are a new technology aimed at improving efficiencies for businesses who have outbound calling operations – be that sales, cold calling or customer engagement. As either a standalone piece of hardware or a software integrated in with your existing call management software, it automatically dials through a given list of telephone numbers.

Taking into account call volumes and the individual call agent making the outbound contact, a Predictive Dialler uses the average length of a call, the average number of numbers required to dial before a successful connection is made and the average waiting time for someone to answer the phone, it can detect when a call agent is about to become available and dial for them: ready to connect them to a real person as soon as possible. This computer intelligence maximises the amount of time a call agent spends on actionable work; increasing productivity and improving the amount of money the business spends on actual work rather than down-time. Studies have shown that companies using Predictive Dialling can improve their contact centre staff’s productivity levels from forty minutes within every hour to fifty-seven minutes – an unrivalled improvement.

In the unlikely event that a call centre agent is not immediately available to pick up an active call, the predictive dialling system is able to detect this and play the call recipient a bespoke automated message, explaining who is calling, the reason for the call, and giving a phone number for them to call back on. In line with the requirements set by Ofcom, the predictive dialling system will log this as an ‘abandoned call’ and won’t make return contact for a minimum of 72 hours – unless a dedicated call agent is available to make the call the second time round.

The EcoDial Predictive Dialler system is the market leading software, able to integrate into your business’ existing contact centre systems and processes. A highly customisable product, EcoDial also offers a high standard of customer service backed up by industry accreditation and robust information management and statistical systems.

Accredited to ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 international standards, the EcoDial product sits comfortably within the framework of policies and procedures required for information security management systems, keeping legal, physical and technical facilities and processes thoroughly controlled and secure.

Alongside this, EcoDial delivers a voice and call quality that is second-to-none; crisp and clear for easy communication. The EcoDial system supplies ISDN quality calls backed up by two large UK phone service providers and others across the globe – giving you the perfect quality, every time, wherever you’re calling to or from.

Aside from the efficiency and resource enhancement, EcoDial allows you to prove the benefit levels and build a business case for further business improvements. Offering statistical analysis of all calls with easy overviews of staff data, call efficiency levels and productivity levels, a management information dashboard allows any changes or tweaks to be made to processes to trial new approaches or remedy any errors. This builds a cycle of continuous improvement within your call centre and company, ensuring you strive for the best possible quality service at all times.

EcoDial also allows users to listen back to calls, recording everything for later use as required. This is an invaluable tool for staff training and to identify any changes to be tried.

EcoDial offer three different service-level packages, with something available to suit businesses of all types and sizes. Whether you’re managing a global outbound telesales operation or just occasionally calling back customers who have already made contact, there is a Predictive Dialling option to suit you and maximise your resource and budgetary efficiencies. Installing, managing and hosting automated and intelligent Predictive Diallers across the globe, there is no better product to give a go to start your journey to a happier, healthier and more productive contact centre.