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Pretty much everyone knows what broadband is nowadays. You need a phone line (we can supply these) and we then deliver broadband over that line. On the upside broadband is cheap, but not so much cheerful. Your connection could be shared with up to 20,000 other homes and businesses in your area (the amount of people you share your line with is known as your contention ratio). The more people who use your connection the slower it becomes. Ideal for very small businesses using ISDN for their calls and don't upload or download a great deal of data.

On the upside: the cheapest way to connect to the internet. On the downside: does not come uncontended.


Also known as FttC. Fibre broadband is faster than the traditional broadband connections that have been sold over the years (see our section on broadband). The reason for this is fibre-optic connections can handle a LOT more data than copper can. Our FttC product is shared between 80 other businesses and residences typically. 80 might sound like a lot, but compared to standard broadband you can see a huge difference.

On the upside: faster than standard broadband, with much less contention than a standard broadband line. On the downside: your connection is still shared among others in your area.


Ideal for a business with around 10 staff as a great alternative where fibre is not available. An EFM connection works by ``bonding`` analogue phone lines together to form a more powerful connection. An EFM line should be able to support browsing and phone calls on the same connection for a business with around 10 staff.

On the upside: gives guaranteed minimum speeds. On the downside: is not scalable. You cannot increase your speed further at a later date.

Leased Line

Also known as EAD or Ethernet. Leased lines provides a true end-to-end fibre connection from 10Mbps all the way up to 10Gbps. This gives you the ability to scale your bandwidth as your service grows. The service is also dedicated to you, so no one else shares the connection unlike traditional broadband and FttC services. This is also offered with a business-grade SLA, so you can have peace of mind that your internet connection will not disrupt the day-to-day running of your business.

Getting a leased line will give you the opportunity to make savings on other business-critical applications such as voice, CRM, accountancy software, and office software, as these applications can be moved to the cloud.


The ideal solution for linking multiple sites together via multiple connectivity types to provide a highly secure private network. A single firewall can be hosted in the network capable of monitoring traffic from a single point. Data can be sent via identified packets to each location and you can prioritise voice traffic. We can give you access to a monitoring tool so you can pro-actively manage each site's bandwidth.

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