What is a Predictive Dialler? We describe the benefits.

What is a Predictive Dialler? We investigate and explain how your business can benefit.

It’s another technology buzz-phrase often thrown around in companies using outbound telephone communication with their potential and existing customers, but what is a ‘predictive dialler’? There are many benefits to businesses in their use – and particularly in the use of an Ecodialler system.

A predictive dialler is a must-have for any modern customer engagement or sales organisation: maximising the efficiency of your call centre staff and ensuring their productivity is as high as it can be, throughout the working day.

A predictive dialler is an outbound call system that automatically dials through a list of telephone numbers supplied – but with a vast advantage over traditional automated diallers, due to their ‘predictive’ abilities. The system essentially ‘learns’ a call agent’s habits and routines to detect when the agent will next become free to take a call and dial the number ready for them to deal with as soon as they’re available. Using a predictive dialler allows the agent making the calls to avoid delays in a few ways:

  • Spending no time physically dialling out the number on a phone or computer
  • Spending no time waiting for the calling tone to end and the call’s recipient to answer
  • Spending no time waiting for calls that won’t be answered at all and are therefore a nil utilisation of resource.

The result is a productive team of call agents with little to no down-time off the phones, whilst still allowing for an agent to screen for busy signals, voicemails and non-responses. Studies have shown that the use of such a predictive system can increase call agent’s productivity time from 40 minutes in every hour to a whopping 57 minutes! This is a time resource efficiency and one that applies to costs, too.

A predictive dialler system can be a standalone hardware device, or an integrated software package that sits within your company’s existing call systems.

Predictive dialler hardware and software can be used by outbound sales centres, customer service teams and telemarketers and are perfect for large and small teams alike, increasing efficiencies without compromising on service. Any business that spends time on outbound calling or with a customer contact centre who work at all on phones for outbound contact should consider investigating and investing in a predictive dialler product.

Ecodialler’s predictive dialler software predicts the average length of a call, the average number of dials required to make a successful connection and the average length of any admin time after each call has been completed to best judge how to optimise agents’ time for the next outbound call. Should a call not be answered, the Ecodialler system will attempt again later on, but will continue to not present the call to the agent unless it has been successfully answered. Should an answer machine kick in, the agent can elect to either leave a message (if an inbound call or later contact is appropriate to the call centre in which he or she is working) or to abandon the call and connect to another.

In the UK, regulators Ofcom rule that predictive diallers may only abandon a maximum of 3% of answered calls – and the Ecodialler system is second-to-none for successful connections, ensuring your business not only sits with Ofcom regulations, but comfortably so. The few abandoned calls that do happen play an automated message from your company explaining the reason for the call within 2 seconds and give a freephone or local-rate number for the recipient to contact you on if required. The Ecodialler system further follows Ofcom requirements by not re-dialling any such abandoned numbers for a minimum of 72 hours thereafter, unless a specific dedicated call agent is available to manage the call.

Alongside other unique features such as automated bespoke payment or action systems, automatic screen information saving and form or system replication, Ecodialler offers a service and system that is unrivalled by any competitor.